SOS Office Requiring New Medical Card Certification

According to the Illinois Secretary of State Office, any person applying for a CDL for the first time and/or renewing their current CDL on or after January 30, 2012 must certify, for medical card purposes, with the Illinois Secretary of State's Office no later than January 30, 2014.  In order to self certify, applicants must appear at any of the Secretary of State's CDL facilities and certify one of the following four categories as part of the new medical card requirement.
1.  Non-excepted interstate (NI)
2.  Excepted interstate (EI)
3.  Non-Excepted intrastate (NA)
4.  Excepted intrastate (EA) 
If you have any questions regarding medical card self certification, please contact the IFCA office.  A detailed description of each of the certification categories is attached in this email and can also be found at