Motor Carrier Identification Report

IFCA received a call today from the Illinois DOT asking us to remind our members once again of the new laws governing the filing of your Motor Carrier Identification Report.  There is an article in the Spring 2009 IFCA Newsletter on this subject.  Enforcement is already taking place and some carriers have been issued thousands in penalties for failing to meet the new schedule for filing this report. 

As of June 17, 2009 all interstate motor carriers (as well as intrastate carriers who have a federal safety permit) must file a Motor Carrier Identification Report Form MCS-150 or MCS-150B with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.  This form must be filed every 24 months according to the schedule below.  The forms must be filed in that month.  You must strictly adhere to this new schedule.  Enforcement is already taking place in Illinois and a few carriers have been fined several thousand dollars by FMCSA.  If you happen to file early instead of on the designated date depending on your USDOT #, you can still get cited!  We recommend that you send in your reports the first week of your scheduled month to avoid processing delays.

USDOT # Ending in 

1 Must file in January

2 February

3 March

4 April

5 May

6 June

7 July

8 August

9 September

0 October

If the next to last digit on your USDOT # is odd, you must file your update every odd-numbered year.  If it's even, you must file every even-numbered year.  If you need to update your report (for example with a change of company name or address), you can do that at any time but you cannot do it in lieu of the 24 month required renewal of your MCS-150 form.

If you have questions please contact IFCA or the Illinois DOT Motor Carrier Office at (217) 785-1181 and ask for a motor carrier safety officer to assist you.  Please refer to 49 CFR 390.19 in your green FMCSA regulations book for more information on this regulatory requirement.