August 2016 N-Watch Update
Dan Schaefer, IFCA Director of Nutrient Stewardship (CCA, CPAg, 4RNMS)

The late July 2016 N-WATCH test results reflect what most of the N-WATCH sites in the overall program show, which is a minimal amount of plant-available nitrogen remaining in the upper 0-1 feet of the soil profile. This is expected based upon N-WATCH results at this time of the year, and is consistent with what we have seen in the past three years of testing.

Residual N that is detected in the 1-2 foot soil profile has the potential to be lost prior to the next cropping year from leaching or denitrification. Growers should discuss their N-WATCH results with their agronomic advisers and determine the potential economic and environmental benefits of a cover crop this fall for fields going into soybeans in 2017.

Please contact Dan Schaefer at (217) 202-5173 or for questions about the N-WATCH program.

N-WATCH is funded by a grant from the Illinois Nutrient Research & Education Council.

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