Legislative Updates Updated November 15, 2016  


Farmer Certification Form for Purchasing Tax Exempt Ag Inputs

Have your farmers sign this document and keep it on file to assure they are using tax-free ag inputs for production agriculture uses only. 

Pollution Control Tax Credit Forms

Click here for the rules, application form and instructions to apply for an Illinois pollution control facility property tax credit for your agrichemical containment systems.  

Sales Tax on Scales & Tender Tanks

Question:  Hi Yvonne! It's been a while since we've talked but I hope you are doing well. I have a question for you. For the scale systems that our fertilizer dealers use, are the scales they install to weigh fertilizer trucks and wagons to calculate the price of the fertilizer eligible for the sales tax exemption? Are any of the parts to maintain the scales eligible?

Also, on the tanks that our guys buy...More

Motor Fuel Refunds - Ag Application Equipment


Ag Input & Machinery Sales Tax Exemption - Statute & Regulations

 127_1.pdf (14.98KB)
 127_2.pdf (41.11KB)
 127_3.pdf (21.05KB)

Implement of Husbandry Definitions

 126_1.pdf (20.09KB)

IDOR Sales Tax Exemption Certificate - Equipment