Legislative Updates Updated November 15, 2016  


Pesticide Stewardship

Clickhereto access a bulletin on pesticide stewardship considerations for Xtend soybeans.  

Mini-Bulk Service Containers

On August 10, 2011 the USEPA Pesticide Container Containment (PCC) Regulations came into effect creating new regulatory requirements for refillable mini-bulk containers and bulk pesticide storage facilities. Some of the new mini-bulk requirements include one way valves, tamper evident devices, unique identification numbers for mini-bulk containers and pressure testing of mini-bulk containers. Many of these new requirements can be circumvented by designating refillable mini-bulks as "service...More

Minibulk Testing

IFCA developed a detailed brochure on the minibulk regulatons. Click here http://ifca.com/media/IFCA%202011%20Mini%20Bulk%20Compliance%20Brochure.pdf Minibulks that are subject to this regulation must also be pressure tested every 2.5 years. Click here to view a one page guidance on pressure testing and documenting the testing process http://ifca.com/media/Pressure%20Testing.pdf The IFCA website at www.ifca.com has a section dedicated to minibulk compliance with various documents posted...More

Asmark PAT Course

This year The Asmark Institute launched the Professional Applicator Training (PAT) course which is receiving excellent feedback from those who have attended. This course is taught by Dr. Robert Wolf. Five classes have been offered in Illinois so far with four more scheduled later this summer. This is the first training course of its kind offered specifically for ag retail facilities. Each class holds 30 people, of which all have been filled to capacity so far. Seats are still available...More

Need More Compliance Posters?

IFCA members should have received a set of posterscontaining product andregulatory information forWorker Protection Standards, Restricted Use Pesticides, and DOT Shipping Information. Every year The Asmark Institute, in partnership with IFCA, sends one complimentary set of posters to every IFCA member. If you need more posters or did not receive them, please contact Kevin or Leslie at the IFCA office to order additional posters.  

If a Farmer Owns A Minibulk

We've been getting calls asking how the new USEPA rules apply to farmers who own their own minibulks. If this is the case, and the farmer asks you to refill their minibulk, the minibulk must meet all the requirements of the new rule including: it must be a DOT approved package, the tank must be on the registrant's approved list of packages, it must have a unique identification number, contain one-way valves or tamper evident devices, and retesting is required every 2.5 years from date...More

Please click on the link to see the latest USEPA webinar power point presentation from Friday, March 9, 2012. This presentation covers existing PRC regulations that became effective August 16, 2011 as well as new USEPA interpretations of the regulations. Please review carefully as some of the new interpretations may impact your daily operations.  

NPDES Pesticide Permit Guide

Do you need to apply for a NPDES Pesticide Permit? Click below for a guide to determine if you will need this permit, a fact sheet from USEPA and a helpful powerpoint from Illinois EPA. Contact IFCA if you have questions about this new regulation.  

Click on the heading to see the schedule of training and testing.  

USEPA requires pesticide storage tanks to be anchored or elevated. Tanks with product in them are considered anchored according to USEPA guidance. Please click on the link to view a document that will help calculate buoyancy of pesticde storage tanks.  

IDA and IFCA Press Release on Driftwatch Website

Please click on the link to view the IDA and IFCA press release regarding the Driftwatch website. Click here to access the IDA website then click on the Driftwatch logo: http://www.agr.state.il.us  

MiniBulk Regulations Presentation

Click on the link to view the 2011 IFCA Convention & Trade Show presentation regarding upcoming minibulk regulations.  

Click on this headerto access the USEPA website where the draft pesticide permit,a fact sheet explaining the permit, and aquestion and answerdocument is posted. The fact sheet is 116 pages.  

USEPA Pesticide Repackaging Regulations

Click here for aQ & A document that explains the requirements of the USEPA pesticide repackaging regulations. 
 603_1.pdf (77.66KB)

USEPA Minibulk Regulations

The following documents help explain the requirements of the 2011 USEPA Regulations for Minibulks and Container/ContainmentRequirements.  

2009 Atrazine BMP Guide

Click on this PDF file to view the 2009 guide to Atrazine Best Management Practices. 
 335_1.pdf (302.41KB)

Click here to see the schedule of training and testing locations and the regulations for pesticide applicators. 

On-Farm Containment Brochure for Farmers

 160_1.pdf (201.48KB)

Agreement to Keep Farmer's RUP Records

 125_1.pdf (9.58KB)

IL Land Application Regulations (Part 258)

 124_1.pdf (71.08KB)

IL Agrichemical Facility Containment Regulations (Part 255)

 123_1.pdf (101.33KB)

Outlines the agchem facility cleanup program andremediation standards for pesticides and fertilizer 

Aerial Application Regulations

Click here for a brochure explaining the licensing and containment requirements for aerial applicators.  
 107_1.pdf (407.31KB)