Legislative Updates Updated November 15, 2016  


IL Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy

Changes in Illinois Fertilizer Act

Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion

Soil Nitrate Levels

Illinois Agronomy Handbook Fall N Chapter

 688_1.pdf (27.12KB)

New Nutrient Stewardship Brochure on the 4R's

 474_1.pdf (1.77MB)

TFI Press Release on Corn Production & Fertilizer Use

IFCA and TFI Issue Papers on Fertilizer

Fall Nitrogen Best Management Practices

Fall Nitrogen Recommendations

Ammonium Nitrate Regulations

Farmer Owned NH3 Storage and Nurse Tank Guide To Regulatory Requirements

 396_1.pdf (1.44MB)

TWIC Poster

 256_1.pdf (849.62KB)

On-Farm Containment Brochure for Farmers

 160_1.pdf (201.48KB)

License Plate Law for Fertilizer Tanks & Spreaders

 149_1.pdf (17.19KB)

IL Land Application Regulations (Part 258)

 124_1.pdf (71.08KB)

IL Agrichemical Facility Containment Regulations (Part 255)

 123_1.pdf (101.33KB)