Legislative Updates Updated November 15, 2016  

Emergency Release Info

mySPCC Program Now Available

Click to read about the mySPCC on-line compliance tool, which is endorsed by USEPA and is free thanks to the Asmark Institute and The Fertilizer Institute.  Click here to access the program http://www.asmark.org/mySPCC

Fire Prevention Plan

IFCA members can click on the above picture to access the online fire prevention plan for your facility.  The fire prevention plan is designed to help ag retail facilities address potential ignition sources and fire hazards at an ag retail facility...More

Emergency Response Reporting Instructions


Guide To Anhydrous Ammonia Safety

Click here to see a brochure illustrating common accidents with ammonia application and how to prevent them. 
 657_1.pdf (2.21MB)

Reporting NH3 Releases

IFCA recently met with Illinois EPA regarding anhydrous ammonia releases over the past two years.  IEPA and IDA report that NH3 releases at stationary storage locations are down but field of application releases are slightly higher.  Once an anhydrous ammonia release has been reported to IEPA, they will then send an Incident Inquiry Letter (IIL) to the responsible party requesting a detailed description of the incident and cause.  It is extremely important to respond...More

IEMA Requests Most Recent MSDS

Companies that submit a Tier 2 report to IEMA recently received an email from IEMA requesting a copy of the most recent MSDS for products reported in the annual Tier 2 report.  After discussing this request with representatives from IEMA, IFCA learned they are under a court order to make Tier 2 reports available to the public.  You can electronically submit the MSDS at https://tier2.iema.state.il.us/TierIIManager/submit/T2_Menu.asp. ...More

Is It Time To Update Your Emergency Sign?

Is your company emergency sign faded to the point where you can't read the information anymore?  The Illinois Department of Agriculture anhydrous ammonia regulations require an emergency sign with letters of a minimum height of two inches including at a minimum the name and phone number of the owner, manager or agent of the anhydrous ammonia storage location.  The sign must be located at the entrance to the site property or apart from the storage tanks. ...More

USEPA Region 5 Reporting Requirements Power Point Presentation

Click on the link to access the Power Point Presentation and interpretive guidance given by Region V USEPA representatives at the 2010 Regulatory Workshop held in Peoria, IL.  

Emergency Contact Information

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County LEPC Contacts