Legislative Updates Updated November 15, 2016  


Hours of Service Ag Input Exemption

Click here to see various guidance documents on the Hours of Service agricultural exemption.  On November 15, 2013 IDOT expanded the air mile radius for the delivery of ag inputs to 150 air miles.  See Illinois Register Notice below. 
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R Stamp Welders & CT Facilities in Illinois/Iowa

Click on this PDF to view R-Stamp Welders and DOT CT facilities that are certified to weld on anyhdrous ammonia nurse tanks in Illinois and perform testing for the Nurse Tank Inspection Program.

Class A CDL Not Needed to Transport Ammonia Nurse Tanks

IFCA has received clear guidance from both the Illinois Secretary of State CDL division and the Illinois State Police enforcement division regarding the type of CDL needed to transport anhydrous ammonia nurse tanks.  There has been some confusion on this issue which we are happy to clarify as follows: 
1.  An anhydrous ammonia nurse tank is an implement of husbandry and as such, the weight of the nurse tank is not factored into...More

Restricted CDL For Transporting Ammonia Nurse Tanks

Click below for the application form to the IL Sec of State to obtain a restricted CDL for transporting ammonia nurse tanks.  
 restrictedcdl.pdf (204.27KB)

Mini-Bulk Service Containers

On August 10, 2011 the USEPA Pesticide Container Containment (PCC) Regulations came into effect creating new regulatory requirements for refillable mini-bulk containers and bulk pesticide storage facilities.  Some of the new mini-bulk requirements include one way valves, tamper evident devices, unique identification numbers for mini-bulk containers and pressure testing of mini-bulk containers.  Many of these new requirements can be circumvented by designating refillable...More

CDL Medical Card Reminder

Effective January 30, 2012, all drivers applying for an Illinois CDL for the first time and all current CDL holders renewing, upgrading or replacing their CDL must visit a CDL facility to declare your driver category. The purpose of this new requirement is to create a national medical certificate data base for interstate motor carriers. If you are not a first time CDL holder and your license does not expire until after January 30, 2014, you must appear in person at one...More

New Requirement For HAZMAT Endorsement

Now when renewing a CDL with HAZMAT endorsement, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is requiring proof of citizenship along with identification.  When you get fingerprinted for the background check to receive a HAZMAT endorsement on your CDL, you need to take certain forms of identification in order to complete the fingerprinting and background check requirements.  One primary form or two secondary forms of identification are now required.  An example...More

Unified Carrier Registration FAQ for Farmers

Farmers who transport grain to and from a grain elevator are now defined by USDOT as Interstate Motor Carriers, even if staying within Illinois, as it is considered the first leg or last leg of interstate commerce unless the grain will be processed into another commodity.  If your customers have questions about this new regulation, click on this link to view the UCR Q & A published by the Illinois Farm Bureau.
 235_1.pdf (271.81KB)

80,000 lb Highway Access Fact Sheet

On Jan 1, 2010 the 80,000 lb highway access rules goes into law.  Click here for an excellent fact sheet provided by Illinois Farm Bureau. 

 520_1.pdf (80.28KB)
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American Welding & Tank Update

Anhydrous ammonia nurse tanks manufactured between June 2009 and September 2010 by American Welding & Tank, LLC have experienced some defects.  American Welding & Tank has asked the industry to distribute information on the inspection and warranty of these nurse tanks.  Please click on the attachment to this email view the notice and inspection program.  IFCA is here to assist with any issues you have relative to ammonia equipment, operations and safety so please...More
 aw&t_notice.pdf (30.16KB)

Implements of Husbandry Crossing State Lines

Taking implements of husbandry, such as NH3 nurse tanks, across state lines has been a controversial topic over the last few years.  DOT has just recently clarified that implements of husbandry are not commercial motor vehicles (CMV) and therefore not subject to the CMV regulations.  The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's (FMCSA) authority covers persons who operate a commercial motor vehicle in interstate commerce.  Therefore, when an implement...More

SOS Office Requiring New Medical Card Certification

According to the Illinois Secretary of State Office, any person applying for a CDL for the first time and/or renewing their current CDL on or after January 30, 2012 must certify, for medical card purposes, with the Illinois Secretary of State's Office no later than January 30, 2014.  In order to self certify, applicants must appear at any of the Secretary of State's CDL facilities and certify one of the following four categories as part of the new medical card requirement.
1.  Non-excepted...More

DHS Re-Evaluates Tier Rankings within CFATS Program

The Fertilizer Institute (TFI) reports that on Tuesday, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) conducted a conference call with industry representatives to discuss technical issues with the Risk Assessment methodology used for establishing Tier Rankings in the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS) program.  There was a correction made to the methodology that resulted in a...More

Motor Carrier Identification Report

IFCA received a call today from the Illinois DOT asking us to remind our members once again of the new laws governing the filing of your Motor Carrier Identification Report.  There is an article in the Spring 2009 IFCA Newsletter on this subject.  Enforcement is already taking place and some carriers have been issued thousands in penalties for failing to meet the new schedule for filing this report. 

As of June 17, 2009 all interstate motor carriers (as...More

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How to Prepare for DOT Audit

Click here to see what IDOT expects when it comes knocking at your door for a hazmat audit.  
 537_1.pdf (108.19KB)
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Regulatory Alert: USDOT Nurse Tank Advisory Letter Dec 2008

Click here to see the IFCA Regulatory Alert and December 2008 letter from USDOT containing information and photographs on anhydrous ammonia nurse tank compliance issues.  
 325_1.pdf (30.3KB)
 325_2.pdf (245.43KB)

Illinois Hours of Service Law

This document explains the hours of service exception for transporting agricultural inputs including anhydrous ammonia. 
 316_1.pdf (29.04KB)

State Phone Numbers for Transportation Issues

 276_1.pdf (24.7KB)

Illinois CDL Facilities

 270_1.pdf (56KB)

Unified Carrier Registration Form and Instructions

Click on this link to print a copy of the UCR form and instructions for completing the form. 
 233_1.pdf (441.98KB)

IDOT Document on Ag Exceptions to DOT Regulations

 182_1.pdf (141.16KB)

Unified Carrier Registration

 176_1.pdf (27.22KB)

Proper Marking For NH3 Nurse Tanks

 167_1.pdf (114.67KB)

HAZMAT Incident Report and Instructions

 154_1.pdf (2.04MB)

License Plate Law for Fertilizer Tanks & Spreaders

 149_1.pdf (17.19KB)

USDOT Security Plan Requirement


Size Weight & Load Regulations

 131_1.pdf (10.73KB)

Implement of Husbandry Definitions

 126_1.pdf (20.09KB)

TailLight And Light Bar Exemption for NH3 Nurse Tanks

 113_1.pdf (128.78KB)

Light Requirements for NH3 Nurse Tanks

 112_1.pdf (167.13KB)

Official HAZMAT Endorsement Instructions & Fingerprint Locations

 110_1.pdf (17.57KB)

IDOR Sales Tax Exemption Certificate - Equipment