Legislative Updates Updated November 15, 2016  

Industry Resources

2014 Limestone Producers Guidebook

Click here to view or download the 2014 Agricultural Lime Producers booklet.  

Facts About GMO's

The Value of The Ag Retailer Brochure

Click here for a color brochure illustrating the value that ag retailers provide to the industry.
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Professional Training Courses

Click here to view and register for the Asmark Training Courses including the Ammonia Technician Course and the new OSHA Ag 30 course. 

GMO Food Labeling Fact Sheet

Click below for a one page article from "Scientific American" magazine that explains the consequences of labeling foods that contain GMO ingredients. 

Ammonia Technician Course Available

There are still a few seats open this fall for the Asmark Institute's Ammonia Technician Course which is geared toward the needs of facility personnel responsible for maintaining the mechanical integrity of anhydrous ammonia installations.  This first course of its kind will be offered at the Agricenter Training Complex in Bloomington, IL.  The goal of this 3 day long course is to foster a strong preventative maintenance message and prepare participants to return to their...More

MSDS Books Available

Dear Valued Member,
We invite you to review and consider the following special offer available exclusively through our affiliation with the Asmark Institute.
There are many good sources of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for pesticides, however the unusual or hard-to-get items such oxygen, acetylene, fuels, fertilizers, welding rods, micronutrients,...More

Asmark PAT Course

This year The Asmark Institute launched the Professional Applicator Training (PAT) course which is receiving excellent feedback from those who have attended. This course is taught by Dr. Robert Wolf. Five classes have been offered in Illinois so far with four more scheduled later this summer. This is the first training course of its kind offered specifically for ag retail facilities. Each class holds 30 people, of which all have been filled to capacity so far. Seats are...More

Compliance Assessment Tool - by Asmark

Are you meeting your compliance obligations?

Need More Compliance Posters?

IFCA members should have received a set of posters containing product and regulatory information for Worker Protection Standards, Restricted Use Pesticides, and DOT Shipping Information.  Every year The Asmark Institute, in partnership with IFCA, sends one complimentary set of posters to every IFCA member.  If you need more posters or did not receive them, please contact Kevin or Leslie at the IFCA office to order additional posters. 

Illinois Agronomy Handbook Fall N Chapter

Click here to see the updated fall N recommendations in the 24th Edition of the Illinois Agronomy Handbook. 

To order the complete 24th edition of the Illinois Agronomy Handbook, call 1-800-345-6087 or visit the Publication Plus website (https://pubsplus.uiuc.edu/C1394.html). The price is $35.

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New Nutrient Stewardship Brochure on the 4R's

Click here for a color brochure on the 4Rs for proper nutrient application:  Right Source, Right Time, Right Place, Right Rate
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TFI Press Release on Corn Production & Fertilizer Use


IFCA and TFI Issue Papers on Fertilizer


Asmark Institute Training Complex

The Asmark Institute today announced plans to construct a new training complex in Bloomington, IL to host its Ammonia Technician Course and a series of new courses designed for grain facilities.  Bloomington, IL is centrally-located within the United States and offers several advantages, especially to the agricultural industry.  The 26,000 square foot complex is expected to host a wide variety of meetings with its unique design and capability to accommodate equipment used...More

Reporting NH3 Releases

IFCA recently met with Illinois EPA regarding anhydrous ammonia releases over the past two years.  IEPA and IDA report that NH3 releases at stationary storage locations are down but field of application releases are slightly higher.  Once an anhydrous ammonia release has been reported to IEPA, they will then send an Incident Inquiry Letter (IIL) to the responsible party requesting a detailed description of the incident and cause.  It is extremely important to respond...More

Facts about Pesticides & ADHD Report

Click here to see the full story and facts about the report about pesticide exposure and ADHD in children.  
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Wind Energy Contracts

Click here for a document that lists questions to ask when reviewing contracts for wind energy towers. 
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All facilities that register and submit Top-Screen information to DHS must also complete Chemical-Terrorism Vulnerability Information (CVI) training.  This consists of an an online training module which takes approximately twenty minutes to complete.  Click on this link to access the CVI training module, complete the training and print a certificate of completion. 

New Pesticide Container & Containment Regulations

Click on this link to view a brochure outlining the upcoming USEPA pesticide container and containment regulations. 
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Click this link to visit the TFI homepage including access to the my RMP program. 

Click this link to visit the AASA homepage. 

Click this link to visit the NAEHSS homepage. 

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