Legislative Updates Updated November 15, 2016  

Online Training

IFCA offers several types of online training.

Training for Retailers

This online training program is for employees at companies that have bulk anhydrous ammonia storage tanks at their facility.  Illinois Department of Agriculture requires “Competent Attendant” training once every three years for employees that handle, store, transfer or transport anhydrous ammonia at any bulk anhydrous ammonia storage facility.
Sign up for the training at http://nh3.ifca.com/form/.

Training for Farmers

Online Anhydrous Ammonia Safety Awareness Program

IFCA in cooperation with Illinois Farm Bureau, Illinois Corn Growers Association and Illinois Department of Agriculture have developed a new online anhydrous ammonia safety awareness program for farmers. Funded by a grant from the Illinois Nutrient Research & Education Council (NREC), the online program consists of five training modules covering Properties and Characteristics of NH3, Proper Personal Protective Equipment, Transportation to and From the Field, Safe Hook-Up in the Field and Emergency/First Aid Procedures.  There is no cost to use the safety awareness program which is specifically designed for use for on-farm employees and family members who work around, transport, or apply anhydrous ammonia.  Over the last two years there have been an increased number of anhydrous ammonia releases and hospitalization due to inhalation or skin exposure.  The safety awareness program can be accessed 24/7 by going to http://learning.ifca.com.  
If you have any questions regarding the online training modules, please contact Kevin Runkle at the IFCA office.